What Is the Best Fabric for a Window Seat Cushion?

What Is the Best Fabric for a Window Seat Cushion?
June 29, 2015 Cushion Factory
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Many homes have been designed with window seats that are becoming popular once again as trends are returning to home designs common in bygone eras. Window seats were at the height of fashion during Victorian times but have once again made the top ten list of bespoke features in homes where buyers have a voice in the architectural design. If you are looking for the best fabric to cover cushions for window seats, there are a few things you need to be aware of when making your choice.

Window Seat Cushion

How Often Will Someone Use These Seats?

The first thing you might want to do is think of your window seat as another chair in the room. If these will often be occupied by residents and visitors alike, you may want to utilise the same type of fabric you would for outdoor cushions. Why? Because this type of fabric was designed to withstand greater than average wear-and-tear as well as environmental factors.

Will They Be Subject to Direct Sunlight?

Speaking of environmental factors, will your windows be exposed to direct rays from afternoon sunlight where it is the strongest? If so, think of this type of covering as the same way you would for outdoor furniture cushions. Those UV rays can fade window seat cushions quite quickly and if you have gone to the trouble and expense to order custom made cushions online, you will want to safeguard your investment. Keeping in mind that all window seats are not the same size and shape, and all furnishings are not in the same colour scheme, of course you would probably need to have them customised for you. Custom cushions may be the only direction you can go in.

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Will Anyone Eat or Drink Sitting on Your Window Seats?

Quite often window seats are located in the dining room for some unknown reason. Whether they just work as a place to put decorative items like plants that can absorb sunlight or as a place for someone to step back from the table when finished eating, it just seems like this is the most common room where they are located. Will anyone be eating and/or drinking whilst sitting on custom cushions for your window seat? If so, outdoor fabric is your best choice as it is not only water resistant but also stain resistant as well. Fabric designed for outdoor furniture cushions is truly ideally suited for window seats.


Although most windows located near window seats may not open to the outdoors, some actually do. In this case, fabric suitable for outdoor chair cushions would be best as it is protected from water damage should someone inadvertently leave the windows open. You can’t go wrong with fabric especially designed for outdoor furniture cushions because it is the best suited for this particular environment.

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