2016 Colour Trends For Outdoor Cushions

2016 Colour Trends For Outdoor Cushions
April 13, 2016 Cushion Factory
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The choice of which colour cushions you will add to your outdoor furniture may seem a trivial question. But keep in mind outdoor cushions are the finishing touches that can turn your outdoor setting from meh to memorable.

outdoor cushions trendStyle, for many, is the first consideration when choosing furniture, whether that be outdoor or indoor. When choosing colours and patterns for outdoor seat cushions, keep in mind their context. Is your outdoor table among lots of green plant life? Use the natural greens to your advantage with deep reds and magentas. The combination of colours makes for a beautiful pairing.

Alternately, opting for deep blues and whites can create a calming air, particularly if your outdoor area features lots of wood.

2016, year of the rose

Pantone, the authoritative voice when it comes to colour matching, has named its colour of the year: a pairing of rose quartz and serenity, or (in non-designer terms) a pale pink tone with a cool sky blue. The combination makes for a wonderfully calming colour scheme.

Make a statement

Combine blues with oranges for striking, bright statements. Throw yellow cushions in with aqua cushions to give your outdoor area a modern vibe. These bright colours look especially good with wooden furniture, as the darker wood offsets the boldness of the tones.

outdoor patio cushionsIf you’re wanting to tone down the bright colours, throw in a few neutral colours among the cushions. Understated shades of colours and creams are great in turning the volume down.

Yes, we are still doing pastel

Pastel colours have ruled the past few years, and they’re still on trend. Delicate pastel colours give you the freedom to combine pinks, blues, yellows and purples all at once!

Black and white? Always!

Remember – the black and white combination is as striking as ever. Choose black and white patterns and let them clash! Stripes with houndstooth? You bet! Black and white outdoor seat cushions look particularly appealing with cast iron furniture.

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