Don’t Order Your New Outdoor Cushions Until You Have Asked These 5 Important Questions.

Don’t Order Your New Outdoor Cushions Until You Have Asked These 5 Important Questions.
April 8, 2014 Cushion Factory
Outdoor Cushions

Is the Fabric UV Resistant?

Picture this: A beautiful day to sit outdoors, either by yourself with a good book or entertaining with friends or family. But your outdoor furniture is less than tempting to relax in yourself, let alone for your guests. Most outdoor furniture these days is designed to last in our harsh climate, BUT THE CUSHIONS AREN’T! Ask the question – Is the fabric fade proof?

True outdoor fabrics have a guarantee against fading, so make sure you ask the question. Check out Sunbrella’s range of gorgeous, outdoor upholstery fabrics that are completely fade proof and designed to last in an all-weather position.

Is the Fabric and Foam Water Resistant and Quick Drying?

Last thing you want is to have a function planned, but the cushions are still wet from the week’s rains and can’t be used. Always look for a quick drying fabric such as an acrylic canvas that will dry much faster than normal fabrics. Also, for cushions positioned in area susceptible to rain or sun, look for a foam that is specifically designed for use with outdoor furniture. True Outdoor Specific Foam should be high density and have an open cell structure to allow water to drain away quickly.

How Do I Know What Size and Thickness To Order?

Depending on the type of outdoor cushions you pick for your furniture, fit is an important issue to consider. Are you ordering the correct size and thickness for your furniture? Cushion Experts will be able to guide you on how to measure your existing furniture and what thickness cushion you should aim for.

Does the Fabric Come with a Guarantee?

Outdoor furniture has to put up with a lot of wear and tear: sun, rain, wind, animal damage, and even chlorine from swimming pools. So they need to be able to last the distance.

Always look for outdoor cushion covers made from a hard wearing fabric, preferably one that comes with a long guarantee. Good quality outdoor fabrics come with at least a 3 year guarantee and some like Sunbrella come with a huge 5 year warranty ( imagine, outdoor cushions looking the same after 5 years ! )

How Easy Will They Be To Clean?

Always look for an outdoor fabric that can be easily cleaned by either upholstery shampooing direct or by removing the cushion covers and simply washing in the washing machine ( maybe check if the cushion covers can be removed first! ).


Choose quality fabrics filled with outdoor specific foam and you can look forward to many happy years relaxing on your patio or decking area.

Cushion Factory is a progressive outdoor cushion manufacturer that has been trusted by people all over Australia. Contact us today and let us help you create an outdoor space that you and your guests can’t wait to relax in.


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