Can I dye my outdoor cushions?

Can I dye my outdoor cushions?
May 1, 2020 Cushion Factory
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Can I Dye My Outdoor Cushions?

Faded fabrics and tired-looking garden furniture are easy to forget about when there’s grass to be mown and jobs to be done in the garden, but they can really bring down the overall look of your garden or patio. If you are trying to save or fancy a creative project, you might be asking yourself, can I dye my outdoor cushions?

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The answer is yes, sometimes, depending on the type of cushion. But before you head to your local hardware or art store, ask yourself these three questions.

Does the cushion have a removable cover? You should only ever attempt to dye a cushion with a fully removable cover. If you try to dye a full outdoor cushion you stand a big chance of ruining the entire cushion, making it unusable. This is because the dye itself will damage the foam and structure of the cushion.

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Can the cover of the fabric be dyed? Outdoor cushions often come with special coatings and materials to help them withstand the elements just like Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions. A coating can make them resistant to UV rays and the damaging effects of humidity and liquids. If your cover has a waterproof fabric, it is possible that the dye will not be able to bind properly to it. This could make the overall effect unsatisfactory, or you could find that after the dying process, the cover looks fine, however when in use the new dye transfers to other surfaces or seeps into the foam of the cushion.

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What type of dye is available? High-quality outdoor furniture cushions will be UV-resistant to prevent fading and help keep your outdoor furniture looking its best for longer. If you buy a standard fabric dye from the store, it won’t have UV-resistant properties and the effect you create is therefore only going to be temporary. The new cushion cover will fade again soon, and you will need to repeat the process.

Replacement Outdoor Cushion Covers

Have you checked for replacement covers? There is a huge range of replacement outdoor cushion covers available, including custom made covers to fit all types of unusual cushion pads, such as outdoor seat pads, daybed cushions and more. Not only is this option less expensive than you might at first imagine, but it is super easy, too. It will take the stress out of the process, allowing you the time to focus on more pressing matters, like sorting out that lawn!

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