Can I dye my outdoor cushions?

Can I dye my outdoor cushions?
July 29, 2021 Alleana
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Can I dye my outdoor cushions?

Can I dye my outdoor cushions? Because of the Aussie winter season well underway, you may be tired of looking at the same old summery hues and faded patterns splashed all over your outdoor and patio cushions. For a quick fix and to remain on trend with the most up to date winter designs, you may be thinking about giving your outdoor cushions a new lease of life with some dye. At Cushion Factory, we have compiled this blog post to guide you through the ins and outs of dying your outdoor cushions.

Should you dye your cushions?

No matter what mother nature throws at our range of outdoor and patio cushions, they are designed to survive the test of time.  All of our cushions are made from high-quality UV resistant fabrics and materials.

This means that, should you decide you want to try altering the colour of your cushions, a sturdier dye would need to be applied rather than the everyday dye that can be found in your local arts and crafts shop. Even then, it’s not guaranteed that this coat of dye would be up to scratch in terms of lasting power, as it may quickly fade, streak or stain all your outdoor furniture – not the result you were hoping for.

How it works

However, are you adamant about using dye to transform your outdoor furniture? It will work on your  outdoor cushions if they have a removable cover. If not, we recommend you don’t attempt the dying process at all – on covers that can’t be removed, the dye will seep through and leave the inside of your cushion vulnerable to the likes mould – which again, is not ideal.

But what’s the alternative? If you’re wanting to change your outdoor cushions, we advise you simply buy brand new ones instead. From Sunbrella outdoor cushions to Warwick outdoor chair cushions, the options are endless.

Browse the range at Cushion Factory. For more information about our range of outdoor cushions, contact our friendly and professional team at Cushion Factory today.

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