Can I Dye My Outdoor Cushions?

Can I Dye My Outdoor Cushions?
March 1, 2016 Cushion Factory
Sunlounge Cushions

Outdoor cushions are the best and simplest way to add a colour accent to your garden furniture and a comfortable place for you and your guests to enjoy the great outdoors.

Of course, most ‘outdoor’ cushions are not really designed for the Australian outdoors and tend to fade quite quickly if left in the full sun.

So a quick way to bring those faded cushions back to life would be to dye them.

Dyeing outdoor cushions

Why Dying Outdoor Cushions Can be Difficult

It seems logical that if something is made of fabric it can be dyed – how else do the cushions get to be all those different ‘not quite what you wanted’ colours in the first place?

This is true, however outdoor cushions are a bit more complicated than fabric you use indoors. Firstly, don’t even attempt dying a cushion that doesn’t have a removable cover. This can lead to the dye penetrating through to the foam which can lead to problems with mould. Also, the cushions often don’t regain their original shape.

If the cover can be removed, you can consider dying just that, but remember that most outdoor cushions are designed to withstand the elements, and so the fabric may have been treated in a way that makes it impossible to dye with ordinary dyes you can get from your local craft shop. Remember too that the dye you use will need to be very resilient, or colours will run and fade in unpleasant ways (often bleeding colour onto other things like the furniture itself or your clothes) if it gets rained on.

Household dye’s do not have the UV resistant properties that outdoor-specific fabrics have and therefore will not be fade proof at all. After a very short while in the sun, the faded cushion will be back to it’s faded self, or maybe worse with staining and streaking from the dye

Sunlounge Cushions

So What Is The Option?

Replacing the cushions with brand new, custom made cushions fitted exactly to your lounge size will be a GUARANTEED way of giving your cushions an amazing new lease on life.

It is less expensive than you might think, you get the colour you have been hoping for, and you won’t have the hassle, stress, mess and potential disappointment that comes with attempting to dye your outdoor cushions yourself.

This way you can also pick out the perfect size and fabric texture for the look you want in your outdoor space.


As the unofficial Cushion Experts, Cushion Factory would love to help you create a space that you and your guests cant wait to relax in. Say goodbye to those old faded cushions or that bare space.

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