Cushion Tips and Tricks

  • outdoor pillow

    Why Do People Karate Chop Pillows?

    You may have noticed the pillow ‘karate chop’ look in other people’s homes, in displays in home furnishings shops,...

  • Sunbrella Throw Pillows

    How To Choose The Right Size Throw Pillow

    Throw pillows are a fabulous addition to any room or living space, indoors or outside on the deck or...

  • custom made cushion

    How Do I Order A Custom Shape Cushion?

    Not all pieces of furniture come in a square or rectangular shape. Therefore, when adding a cushion, it needs...

  • Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions

    Outdoor Cushions Defy Neglect PLUS Some Insider Tips

    Cleaning instructions usually start off by saying something like this: “To keep your outdoor cushions looking good and to...

  • Outdoor Lounge Cushions

    What Filling Do I Need For My Cushions?

    The type of filling you choose for your cushions will make a big difference to how they look, feel...

  • Neutral Cushions

    Home Decorating With Neutral Soft Furnishings

    Decorating with Neutral Fabrics It is easy to assume that neutral equals boring, but as long as you don’t...

  • Cushion With Piping

    Do I Need Piping On My Cushion?

    First Of All – What Is Piping? Piping is the beading that can be sewn around the edge of...

  • Bench Cushion

    What thickness cushion do I need?

    Cushions are used for a variety of purposes. You might throw four or five pillows on to a lounge...

  • Sunbrella Outdoor Cushion Fabric

    Is it true some colours of outdoor fabrics fade quicker than others?

    Great topic covered by one of our major outdoor fabric supplier’s, SUNBRELLA. SUNBRELLA says: Q: Is it true that...

  • How To Use Accents In Your Outdoor Entertaining Areas

    An outdoor entertaining area needs to have more than just a couple of chairs and a table if it...