Why buying cheap cushions doesn’t work… And what to do about it

Why buying cheap cushions doesn’t work… And what to do about it
June 22, 2016 Cushion Factory
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You have your eye on what you think is the perfect cushion. You purchase it and place it on your sofa, or perhaps on your outdoor lounge. It looks great. The colour matches and it feels soft to lounge against.

But a couple of months later the colour has faded. The foam inside the cushion has separated too. That once colourful and comfortable cushion you bought is no longer. You regret your purchase and begin to think about what a waste of money it was.

Your lesson? Buy quality the first time around and have a cushion that lasts.

Cushion careHardwearing through washes

Your cushion, especially if it’s one from the outdoor cushions range, is going to need to be cleaned once in awhile. You’re going to want to do this as easily as possible, which often means throwing it into the washing machine.

If you purchase a high quality cushion, you can rest assured your cushion will make it through the wash unscathed – with the zips intact and the colour still bold. Purchase a poorly made cushion, however, and your beautiful item could end up in tatters.


Quality cushionsThe stuffing stays soft

There’s nothing worse than the stuffing of a cushion dissolving or separating overtime. It can result in a lumpy cushion or sofa seating, making it uncomfortable when sitting down. You want a cushion with a quality filling so it remains comfortable for the years to come, no matter how many times it’s used. Cushions are made for comfort after all!


Outdoor cushionsNot built for the outdoors

Australia has beautiful weather, but with it comes harsh sunshine and this can damage outdoor cushions quickly, making them fade. If you purchase a cushion with quality material, you can guarantee it’ll last a lot longer in the sun than those made with cheap fabrics.

A high quality cushion will also have a durable fabric that’ll last through winter weather too.


Quality cushionsSelect a custom cushion that lasts

Remember – you get what you pay for. Invest in a quality cushion the first time around. It might cost you more upfront, but it’ll certainly save you in the long run!




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