Colour Inspirations For Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Colour Inspirations For Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions
March 5, 2019 Cushion Factory
Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Colour Inspirations For Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions. Outdoor furniture looking tired? Looking to breathe new life into your outdoor living space? At the Cushion Factory, we specialise in designing outdoor cushions in a range of beautiful fabrics to help you transform your outdoor living spaces. To help you decide on the right colour scheme for your balcony or patio, in Australia, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth, here are some of the hottest colour schemes of 2019.

Deep purples and earthy pinks outdoor cushions

Elegant and rich, this colour scheme speaks to an era long passed. Invest in more classically designed furniture (such as cream coloured wrought iron) and cover the seats with an assortment of deep purple and dusky pink outdoor cushions. If you want a more subtle look, experiment with shades of lilac and mauve.

Muted greens and earth tones outdoor furniture cushions

We’re not talking dark brown, electric lime or bright green, we’re talking earthy neutrals, such as pale avocado, soft celery and celadon, along with hints of sienna and umber. This colour scheme is inspired by the earth and focuses on natural rejuvenation and new beginnings. Cushions in these colours are the perfect accompaniment for timber based outdoor furniture.

Abstract blues and reds outdoor chair cushions

This colour scheme works best with a neutral backdrop and works perfectly for outdoor living spaces with white tiles and white rendered exteriors. Pair blue outdoor furniture with bold red outdoor chair cushions (or vice versa) and decorate outdoor tables with brightly coloured accessories to add further pops of colour.

Peach and muted orange sunbrella outdoor cushions

Inspired by the earthy, yet groovy tones of the 70s, this theme uses the beautifully unique shade between pink and orange. Pair dark brown outdoor furniture with various muted orange sunbrella outdoor cushions and add some balance with additional green and beige patterned cushions. This colour scheme will give your outdoor furniture a retro yet modern look.

Outdoor Cushions Australia

Cushion Factory offers many shapes and sizes of outdoor cushions and this is the fun part of decorating your home. Choose a dramatic effect of brightly coloured outdoor patio cushions in Australia to add interest and texture to your furniture or mix a group of neutral tones. Use our Outdoor Cushion Creator to make your choice easier!
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