Do I Need Waterproof Fabric For My Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

Do I Need Waterproof Fabric For My Outdoor Furniture Cushions?
March 1, 2016 Cushion Factory
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Homeowners looking to design their patios or getting ready to renovate their outdoor gardens often question what type of fabric they should use for outdoor cushions. Should it be waterproof or is a water repellent fabric good enough? Perhaps the best way to answer whether or not you need waterproof or water repellent fabric would be best answered in terms of where your outdoor furniture is located.

Is The Area Partially Covered

Many times outdoor furniture cushions are somewhat protected from the elements because of canopies that also shelter people from too much UV radiation. Is the furniture you are looking for going to be poolside? Will it be in a screened in area also considered outdoors, or will it be directly out in the open? If there is some type of shelter from rain and sun, then a water repellent fabric would suffice. However, this isn’t always the case, especially when those torrential downpours start occurring on an almost daily basis. With rains coming down almost sideways, you will want to have outdoor furniture cushions designed with waterproof fabric. UNLESS… you have a Waterproof foam inside your cushions!

Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa Photo 3.06.14Why Do I Need Waterproof Fabric?

Another question many people have is why their outdoor furniture cushions need to be covered in waterproof fabric if the cushions themselves are designed with special foam that resists mould and mildew. That is actually a very good question but the answer rests in the fact that most foams used aren’t outdoor specific foams, they are just mould and mildew resistant. Whilst water cannot infiltrate the innermost levels of this type of foam, it could still be subject to mould if water was allowed to penetrate the fabric of the outdoor cushion covers. This is where an outdoor specific, quick drying foam is required.

Poolside Furniture

Quite often outdoor furniture cushions are on poolside lounges and chairs. So many homeowners feel that they can get by with water repellent fabric because they thoughtfully put it in the garage or shed when it is not being used. What about all those wet swimmers stepping out of the pool to sit for a while in the warm sunshine? Water repellent fabric is not going to protect outdoor furniture cushions well enough to keep the foam protected from water dripping from wet bodies.

A great number of homeowners, motels, hotels and beachside shops order custom made cushions online. The most ideal fabric would be a soft, but water resistant fabric, like Sunbrella, because it extends the life of those cushions significantly. Any outdoor furniture that will be exposed to moisture in any form would be best served by water resistant fabric along with an outdoor specific, waterproof foam, such as Quick Dry Foam. If it is problematic finding the right size or shape you need with waterproof coverings, custom made outdoor cushions with waterproof covers can be ordered online.


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