Hot Colours for 2014. How to Add Pizzazz to Your Home Décor

Hot Colours for 2014. How to Add Pizzazz to Your Home Décor
March 26, 2014 Cushion Factory
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Take inspiration from the top designers and incorporate some of this year’s hot colour trends into your home décor schemes. A splash of colour can really lift a room or outdoor space. It adds interest to an otherwise uninspiring vista.

What are the Hot Colours of 2014?

According to Pantone, the leading authority on colour trends, this year’s hottest colour is Radiant Orchid, which for those not in the know is a shade of mauve-purple. Use this in conjunction with natural hues from the blue, sea-green and neutral palette. And just to brighten things up a bit, add a splash of warm Freesia Yellow, Cayenne and Celosia Orange.

Create a Natural Look

Natural colours are perfect for modern homes. You can get in touch with nature and paint your walls in pale blues, sage greens and warm beiges. Then add accent colours in the form of yellow cushions or cayenne red curtains. All of this year’s hot colours are very complimentary and can be used together or separately.

Experiment with Colourful Soft Furnishings

Vibrant colours can be very overpowering in large amounts and you may not want a Dazzling Blue living room or Radiant Orchid bedroom, but don’t be afraid of experimenting with stronger colours in your soft furnishings.  One way of doing this is to stick to muted pastel shades indoors and then use stronger colours in your outdoor living area. Stronger colours are less ‘in your face’ when used outdoors under the glare of the hot sun.

Outdoor Colours

Buy some outdoor cushion covers in hot orange or rich violet for your garden furniture. They will look fantastic against the soft, muted colours of a decking area or pale stone patio. Warm, tropical shades inspired by nature are always a good choice for outdoor areas, particularly if you enjoy outdoor entertaining, beer and wine stains won’t stand out a mile on coloured outdoor furniture cushions whereas they will if you opt for traditional white or cream.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

No matter what colours are hot in 2014, if they are not to your taste, dance to the beat of your own drum and go with whatever colours you like. Colour trends are only a guide and ultimately you are the one who has to live with your decorative schemes, so if you can’t abide purples, blues or greens, pick a colour you do like!


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