How do you measure patio furniture for cushions?

How do you measure patio furniture for cushions?
November 5, 2021 Alleana
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How do you measure patio furniture for cushions? Whether you’ve got a brand new patio, or just fancy giving your outdoor space a refresh for the new season, getting the right measurements for your patio furniture is essential.

Why it’s so important to measure for your patio cushions

Getting the fit spot on means your cushions will be super comfy for you and your guests. There will be no annoying slip and slide as you try to relax, and no annoying pressure points to cause excess wear. Whether you’re going for custom cushions or choosing a great off the peg model, getting the right fit is the key to being sure your patio cushions will be a perfect partner for your outdoor furniture.

How do you measure patio furniture for cushions? A step by step guide:

1. Make sure you know what shape you’re working with

We offer a huge variety of outdoor cushions and the first step when measuring is to know what type of cushion you’re looking for. Do need something for a sun lounger or daybed? Perhaps a bench seat or simple chair cushion? Perhaps you just need a new set of bolster cushions to bring a new look to your existing patio set? Understanding what type of shape you have will help you find how to do your measurements.

2. Measure the width for the cushions

The width is the left to right measurement across the seat that you need the cushion for. Use a tailor’s tape measure (the flexible type) and take the measurement at the front of the frame, and between the arms, and at the very back of the seat. Choose the largest of these measurements as your width.

3. Measure the depth for your cushions

This measurement is the front-to-back measurement. In fact, you may take it from where the cushion will meet the chair back to where you want the front edge to be. It’s important to take this measurement at the center of the seat to ensure a perfect fit.

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4. Decide on the thickness

As well as measuring to fit, you’ll need to decide how thick you want your new cushions to be. You’ll need to consider things like the height of a dining table, how luxurious you want the final finish to be, as well as the overall look of the cushion.

5. Got an unusually shaped cushion?

All cushions are not created equal, and if you’re looking for cushions for oval or freeform seating, just get in touch and we’ll talk you through how to get the perfect fit.

6. Style it up

Now you’ve got your measurements, you can get on with the fun part – at Cushion Factory, we have a fabulous range of colors, styles, and finishes so you can create the ideal outdoor space, with cushions that fit your style. Furthermore, you can choose from simple coordinates to maximalist clashes and everything in between, and because they are custom fit, you can be confident that your outdoor cushions will look great for years to come.

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