How To Choose The Right Size Throw Pillow For Your Space

How To Choose The Right Size Throw Pillow For Your Space
April 16, 2020 Cushion Factory
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How To Choose The Right Size Throw Pillow For Your Space

Throw pillows work wonders, and can add a whole new feel to any outside space. You can add some throw pillows to jazz up an otherwise basic outdoor lounge, to add a pop of colour or brighten up an outdoor entertaining area, or even to add additional seating options for guests. The Cushion Factory is the largest custom cushion manufacturer in Australia, and specialise in custom outdoor cushions. So they will give us tips on how to choose the right size throw pillow for your space!

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Size Does Matter – While some people might think purchasing a throw pillow is pretty easy, you do have to consider the space you’re putting them in, and the size of pillows that will work there. There are some things you have to consider before rushing out to purchase a whole load of indoor or outdoor furniture cushions. If you buy pillows that are too big or small, it can ruin the whole aesthetic of the area.

For an indoor space, large throw pillows work well at the back of a sofa, and smaller ones at the front, including the option of rectangular lumbar pillows for back support. Having outdoor pillows of different sizes and in a certain order, creates a nice symmetrical arrangement. Standard square cushions fit nicely on sofas, and oversized pillows create a more loungey feel.

Warwick Outdoor Cushions

For gardens and patios, standard size cushions with bold prints are popular, and mixing different patterns creates extra interest and looks great in an outdoor setting. Larger cushions are also great for entertaining in the garden, to add extra seating, or to fill up a bare space.

Specifically developed for the outdoors, the Warwick outdoor cushions are vibrant and have reversible patterns, to keep a space looking updated. They are ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining areas, with fade resistant and mildew resistant fabrics.

Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions

Creating custom outdoor throw cushions can give your furniture a personality of its own, whether it be brightly coloured or neutral tones. Why not consider some Sunbrella outdoor cushions? Their standard size outdoor throw cushions, otherwise known as outdoor scatter cushions, come in 45cm and 60cm square sizes, but if that doesn’t suit your space, you can choose any shape or size you like with Cushion Factory.

The team can help! Whether it be replacing old faded cushions or creating a space that is fresh and inviting. Or in addition, sprucing up an area that just needed a little something extra.

Cushion Factory Australia

Feeling inspired? Start transforming your outside spaces today with our wide range of outdoor patio cushions, outdoor bench cushions and more. As Australia’s Cushion Experts, Cushion Factory would love to help you create a space that you can’t wait to relax in. Say goodbye to those old faded cushions or that bare space!
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