How to clean sunbrella patio cushions

How to clean sunbrella patio cushions
March 26, 2022 Alleana

How to clean Sunbrella patio cushions? Sunbrella fabrics are incredibly hard wearing and don’t often need cleaning. They are all-weather proof, even in harsh sun conditions, UV fade, water, and mould resistant and stain resistant.

This means they are easy to clean when they do need it and most problems can be easily fixed.

Dust and everyday dirt

Outdoor patio cushions can get dusty and need a wipe down with a damp cloth whenever doing your usual outdoor cleaning. Surface dirt from the garden can usually be wiped away with a warm cloth and a gentle detergent diluted in a bucket.

Bird droppings

For dried bird droppings, brush off any detritus from the dropping from the surface, and again apply a clean cloth and warm water. In most cases this will remove the stain.

If this is not the case, do not rub the fabric hard on the stain as this may damage your fabric and leave a discoloured patch.

Spot cleaning

Sunbrella fabrics also allow spot cleaning which can be useful on a single mark on your outdoor patio cushions. Where the entire cushion doesn’t need cleaning, if there is a single mark or stain, use a fabric stain remover from the supermarket. Spray the stain and use a clean cloth with warm water to sponge away the stain. When using any product, test a hidden section of the cushion first to make sure the product won’t mark the fabric.

Food stains

For deeper stains (red wine, food, other spills) on outdoor patio cushions, Sunbrella fabrics are machine washable. Simply unzip your covers, remove your cushion covers from the foam and put them in your washing machine on a warm gentle wash. Use a fabric stain remover spray on any noticeable stains prior to adding to the machine after first checking they won’t remove the colouring from the fabric.

Tough stains

Sunbrella fabrics do allow for bleach cleaning; if machine washing has not removed your stains, you may consider bleach cleaning as a last resort as it is hard on fabrics, and additionally, you will need to be careful around any plastic furniture as bleach may cause etching marks.

The general rule is to remove any stains as quickly as possible to avoid these settings in the fabric of your outdoor patio cushions. In addition to, if you follow these guidelines your Sunbrella fabric cushions will remain fresh and hold their colour for years to come.

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