How to coordinate your home decor colours using the colour wheel

How to coordinate your home decor colours using the colour wheel
July 29, 2020 Alleana

How to coordinate your home decor colours using the colour wheel

When it comes to decorating, choosing the right colours is essential. Picking a colour scheme can sometimes seem like an intimidating task, especially when you’re trying to match colours to decor you already have. Here, we explain the secret of how to coordinate your home decor colours using the colour wheel. A simple method of creating a colour palette that you’ll love.

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Back to basics – going right back to the basics, a colour wheel is divided into twelve colours, which are further divided into three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary colours are red, yellow and blue, and the other nine colours are created from the three primary ones. Once you’re able to understand how the colour wheel is organised, you’ll see that it effectively shows which colours naturally combine and blend, and which ones contrast.

Popular colour schemes – before you try and decide on a colour palette, it’s important to first consider what kind of feel you want to achieve in the area you’re decorating. Purples, blues and greens tend to offer a cooler, more calming tone compared to oranges, yellows, reds and pinks, which are vibrant and sometimes more exciting to look at.

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You can even decorate using just one colour. Deciding to go monochromatic with tone-on-tone colour can leave your room looking sophisticated. Choose a colour you love and either stick to the one shade or have some fun with mixing different ones. Generally, a room will use both warm and cool tones, but this is completely your call.

Remember, opposites attract – If you’re looking for something more daring, rely on the fact that when it comes to decor, opposites definitely do attract. Simply pick two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel and enjoy a high contrast colour scheme using complementary colours, such as purple with yellow or red with green. Feeling even more adventurous than this? A triad colour scheme creates a vivid contrast using three colours evenly spaced on the colour wheel.

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