How to Coordinate Your Home Décor Colours using the Colour Wheel

How to Coordinate Your Home Décor Colours using the Colour Wheel
April 2, 2014 Cushion Factory

Some people have an intuitive talent for choosing exactly the right colour. Their homes are beautifully decorated in a perfect blend of harmonious colour, and their belongings fit into their colour schemes flawlessly.

And then there are the rest of us who struggle to work out which colour is the best choice, and all too often get it oh so badly wrong. But there is an easy solution to help you pick complimentary colours—the colour wheel.

What is a Colour Wheel?

A colour wheel is a circular tool that shows the relationships between primary and secondary colours. Think of it as a circular rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and back to red again. The colour wheel has lots of applications, but it really comes into its own for the purpose of interior decoration, and if you are not sure which colour to choose for your outdoor furniture cushions, the colour wheel will help ensure you don’t get it wrong.

Using a Colour Wheel

Colour is important, even for the little things such as a small outdoor throw cushion on a daybed. Use a colour wheel to work out which colours complement each other. Opposite colours on the colour wheel go well together, so for example, if you have a pale blue outdoor daybed, orange throw pillows will be a good choice.

Analogous colours are another way to use a colour wheel. These are the colours that sit next door to your main colour. For example, if your main colour is a shade of violet, the analogous colours would be blue violet and red violet. Therefore you could paint a feature wall a pale violet and then pick some outdoor cushion covers or curtains in complimentary shades of red and blue-violet. Or alternatively, you could use mostly neutral shades of cream or beige, but spice up the colour scheme with small amounts of two analogous colours.

Make Colour Work for You

The important thing to remember when using a colour wheel is that it is just a tool to make your life easier. It is there to help you understand the relationships between different colours. Not all colours will work in your chosen space, so use your common sense when picking a colour scheme for indoor and outdoor spaces. After all, you have to live with your colour choices, so it is important that you actually like them!


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