How to Keep Your Outdoor Cushions Clean

How to Keep Your Outdoor Cushions Clean
September 16, 2021 Alleana

How to Keep Your Outdoor Cushions Clean? Outdoor cushions are designed to withstand a lot of damage from the elements, including heavy rainfall and UV exposure. However, to ensure the longevity of your outdoor cushions, it is always a good idea to clean them from time to time. Without regular cleaning, the protective coating on your outdoor cushions can fade over time.

This article is going to offer outdoor cushion cleaning advice to help you get the most out of your outdoor cushions.

Outdoor Lounge Cushions

For tackling light stains on your outdoor cushions

If your outdoor cushion has light stains, it is best to apply a conservative amount of cleaning products to see if you can remove stains easily. Generally speaking, a simple solution of water and detergent is all it takes to remove marks, scuffs and stains on your outdoor cushions.

Try to be gentle and use as little force as possible when cleaning your outdoor cushions, as they will absorb liquid deep into the fabric if you go too hard. This will not only take longer to dry but can leave an unpleasant smell from the cushion if it penetrates too deeply.

Cleaning Outdoor Cushions

For taking on tougher stains on your outdoor cushions

For outdoor cushions that have heavy stains, mould or mildew, you will need to opt for a more rigorous cleaning regime. A concoction of borax, dishwasher liquid and water should be enough to get the stains out. You will need to scrub quite vigorously to make sure that all of the mould and staining is gone.

After leaving your outdoor cushion to rest for five minutes, you will need to wash off your cleaning solution using a garden hose, pressure washer or other water sources. Try to work quickly, as the less inner material gets soaked the better.

Make sure that the outdoor cushion has been completely dried through, otherwise, you run the risk of more mould and mildew appearing. Leaving it out in the sun is a good idea, or storing it in an airing cupboard.

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