How to protect outdoor cushions

We all know that Australia is a country for sun and fun. If you’re planning on spending time in your backyard, you want to be comfortable; and what better way to enjoy your space than sitting on comfortable outdoor furniture? And comfortable outdoor furniture means comfortable outdoor cushions. But how do you protect your outdoor seat cushions from the Australian elements to keep them looking new and inviting? Here are five tips to keep your outdoor furniture cushions looking brand-new in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth:

1. Choose a hard-wearing fabric

Good quality fabrics last longer and continue to keep their colour and shape a lot longer than the cheap versions. Look for fabrics that are naturally water resistant like Sunbrella  and choose prints that will look good, even if they’ve been in a sun for a few years. Don’t be scared to go bold with your fabric choice – think stripes for the surfside look and floral designs if you’re after a ‘carnival’ theme.

2. Spray with outdoor bench cushion protectant

As soon as you get them out of the packet, make sure you give your outdoor cushions a good spray of waterproof protectant. This will give them extra protection from the elements. Try to spray cushions once a year to keep them protected and looking good. Always see the manufacturers instructions first as your new outdoor bench cushions may already have the protectant built in.

3. Keep your outdoor cushions dry

If there’s been a storm and the outdoor furniture cushions are wet, wipe them down. While they will dry on their own if you leave them, wiping them down will prevent them from getting mouldy.

4. Keep your outdoor cushions clean

If your outdoor cushions are regularly being used, be sure to wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them clean and fresh. Regular cleaning will prolong the life of the cushions and keep them looking pristine.

5. Cover your furniture

If you aren’t planning on using your outdoor furniture for a while, get some covers to shield them from the elements. This will provide extra protection from harsh weather and protect them from fading and mould while they aren’t being used. If you can, store your outdoor cushions indoors until you need to use them.

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