How to remove mould from cushions

How to remove mould from cushions
July 9, 2021 Alleana

How to remove mould from cushions?

If you love outdoor decorating, it’s likely you have an array of vibrant outdoor seat cushions embellishing your front porch or backyard patio. Colourful cushions add comfort and pizzazz – but at the same time, they’re susceptible to damage from the elements. If your outdoor furniture cushions have suffered through one too many rain showers and are developing mould, you’ll want to tackle the problem as soon as possible. This article will discuss how to remove mould from your cushions—so you can keep enjoying the garden paradise of your dreams.

1. Wipe down your cushions – begin by removing the cushions from your outdoor furniture and placing them on a flat, clean surface. Begin wiping down any surface mould with a damp cloth. If the cushions have removable covers, you can clean them in your washing machine as you typically would—just add an extra cup of white vinegar to ensure a thorough wash. Dry them off—and you’re done. If the cushions don’t have washable covers, continue with the following steps.

2. Spray, spray, spray – you can create an effective cleaning solution using ingredients you likely already have around the house. Grab a clean spray bottle and fill it with undiluted white vinegar. Thoroughly spray each cushion—front and back—and allow the solution to sit for about ten minutes. Don’t empty the spray bottle yet—you’ll need it again soon.

3. Start scrubbing – now it’s time for another little science experiment! Mix one teaspoon of liquid dish soap with three cups of lukewarm water—straight from the tap will do the trick. Dunk a large, porous sponge into the solution and make sure it’s completely saturated. Scrub each cushion all over until all signs of mould have disappeared.

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4. Time to rinse and dry – next, wipe your cushions down with a cool, clean, damp cloth. Make sure to clear off any soapy remnants. Now, it’s time to dry your outdoor lounge cushions. Australia makes this easy—just hang them out in the sun!

5. Spray once more! Spray your cushions with another layer of white vinegar. This final step will kill any leftover mould and leave a fresh, clean scent. Once again, allow your cushions to air-dry.

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