How To Use Accents In Your Outdoor Entertaining Areas

How To Use Accents In Your Outdoor Entertaining Areas
June 1, 2014 Cushion Factory

An outdoor entertaining area needs to have more than just a couple of chairs and a table if it is to look the part when guests come around for a few drinks and a BBQ.

Patio Plants

Yes, people need somewhere to sit and rest their plate and glass, but if you want the area to look truly fantastic, you really need to jazz things up a bit! The best way to add some extra ambience is to add lighting, table linen, plants and other accents. You probably shouldn’t go too far overboard or the patio may end up looking rather cluttered and there won’t be room for much of anything, but one or two carefully thought out items can make the difference between a lack-lustre section of decking and a stunning outdoor entertaining area.



Trick of the Light Lighting is very important, especially at night. The use of candles or outdoor solar lights is a perfect way to create a pleasant (and romantic!) ambiance.




Plant potsUse plants for extra privacy In theory your garden should be full of plants. However, many people do their outdoor entertaining on patios and decking areas next to the house, which means plants not necessarily in abundance. But plants are useful because they create a natural screen around the area, and if your home is overlooked, this could be very useful. Consider buying some large container plants or alternatively, install wooden trellis or a bamboo screen and grow climbing plants. That way the neighbours won’t be able to spy on you when you lie on your new outdoor furniture cushions and catch some rays.


Outdoor Table Linen


Attractive linens can make a big difference. Outdoor cushions in vibrant fabrics look great, but don’t forget to add extra accents in the form of matching table linens or umbrella’s. For best results, have a colour scheme and stick to it. Choose a main colour and then buy items in matching fabrics. Patterns and plain fabrics work well as long as they are not all in clashing colours. Different patterns can also work well as long as you don’t try and work with too many patterns. And if colour is not your strong point, consult a colour wheel or better still, an interior designer.



Use accents to lift an outdoor entertaining area. With a few carefully thought out items to add extra interest, your summer BBQs will be the talk of the town!

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