Keep your patio fresh with seasonal cushions

Keep your patio fresh with seasonal cushions
January 25, 2020 Cushion Factory

Keep your patio fresh with seasonal cushions

Want to keep your patio fresh with seasonal cushion? If you’re like most people, you can get pretty sick of looking at the same furniture every day. Even if you’ve invested in stylish, quality pieces, seeing the same outdoor set day in and day out can become boring. Even more importantly, a patio that would be perfectly cosy in winter can be way too snug in summer. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new outdoor furniture every season, why not try our easy solution – seasonal cushions. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider them.

Keep In Touch With Seasonal Trends

If you’re a designer at heart, why not take inspiration from the changes in weather? Match your outdoor seat cushions to the colour of blooming flowers in springtime, or use a bright tropical print to give your space a sophisticated summery touch. By incorporating these small touches, your outdoor living space can feel trendy all year round. Instead of sticking with the same models all year round, changing your cushions every few months can help create a more exciting space. With just a few seasonal cushions, it’s easy to stay trendy.

Make Your Space More Comfortable

Seasonal cushions can even make your outdoor space more comfortable. For example, when you want a warmer space in winter, don’t just stick to the outdoor heaters. Deep red outdoor bench cushions can create a feeling of closeness and comfort, and make poolside drinks cosier, while light blue can help you to feel lighter and cooler. Extra pillows over the hotter months can even help make couches more heat friendly. Thick upholstery, for instance, can be more sweaty than classy when the heat hits hard. By adding some new bolster pillows in a summer style, you can ensure a comfortable rest on those warmer days.

Don’t get bored in your space. By properly utilising your outdoor patio cushions, you can create a space that feels in touch with the seasons – without breaking the bank. By rotating your cushions seasonally, you can make simple outdoor furniture feel stylish for longer, and ensure that you’re always comfortable.



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