Most comfortable outdoor cushion materials

Most comfortable outdoor cushion materials
March 27, 2019 Cushion Factory
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Outdoor cushions are all about adding that extra bit of comfort and luxury to an outdoor space. It is only natural to wonder which materials are going to offer this and much more. This short guide will give you a better idea about which materials to go for and which ones to avoid:


These are a no go if you want your cushions to last. They might feel soft to touch, but they won’t offer you the support you need over a longer period of time. After a couple of months of regular use, your cushions will be much flatter therefore they are best saved for decorative use.

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Foam is a tricky one, as it comes in a variety of densities. If the density isn’t listed or the cushion is quite cheap, there’s a good chance the foam won’t be up to the task of long term use.

Good quality foam provides plenty of support and is used on seat cushions that bear most of a person’s weight. They won’t flatten easily, nor will they be too hard, as they offer enough give for the ultimate relaxation.

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Sometimes referred to as Dacron, this material is typically the filling of luxurious beds. It is patented technology that uses foam inserts to give the user plenty of support as well as comfort. As the material is firmer than most, cushions need to be wrapped with some polyester on the outer layers to add extra softness. PET cushions are great to use as a base and can be accessorised with cushions with softer fillings for the best of both worlds.

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Typically, the inside material of a cushion doesn’t affect its durability outdoors. The outer layer of material is what protects the inside from the elements, meaning the inner materials are down to your personal preferences.

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Cushion Factory offers many shapes and sizes of outdoor cushions and this is the fun part of decorating your home. Choose a dramatic effect of brightly coloured outdoor patio cushions in Australia to add texture to your furniture or mix a group of neutral tones. Use our Outdoor Cushion Creator to make your choice easier!
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