Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes
May 5, 2014 Cushion Factory

Behind the Scenes – Your Cushion from Start to Finish

Have you ever wondered how your outdoor furniture cushions were made as you were placing your order? Well wonder no more! The manufacturing process is actually more complex than you might expect because in order to maintain such high levels of quality in our products, everything made by us goes through a number of important stages.

A Fabric Cutting Plan

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Once we have received an order from a customer for some replacement outdoor cushions, our team start work straight away. Using your measurements, we create a fabric-cutting plan. This helps us to work out where each piece of the cushion is going to be cut on the fabric so that we use the least amount of fabric as possible.

Machine Cutting the Fabric Panels – with SVEN!


This is SVEN, our Automatic Cutting Machine

The fabric cutting plan is then loaded on to SVEN, our AUTOMATIC CUTTING MACHING. Of course, it is possible to cut out the fabric pieces by hand, and in the good old days, this was the only method available, but using SVEN means fast, accurate cutting, and you get your cushions faster.

Your Outdoor Cushion Panels are Sewn Together

Gail photoThe individual panels of your outdoor cushion covers are now ready to be sewn together and this is a job for an experienced sewing team. Each panel is carefully stitched together and the seams overlocked to ensure the fabric does not fray. This is one part of the manufacturing process that cannot be rushed. 

Foam is Measured and Cut to Size

coloured foamUnless you have ordered replacement cushion covers for existing seating, the next stage is to cut a piece of foam for each cushion cover. The foam is carefully measured and cut to size before being placed inside the cushion. When done correctly, the cushion cover will fit like a glove.

Quality Assurance Check

guarantee image 2Quality is very important to us, so a trained quality assurance team rigorously checks everything we make. They look over each product and make sure it is perfect in every way. If there are any mistakes or problems with the fabric, then the product is rejected and the process has to start all over again.

Packed and Dispatched

images-2As soon as the quality assurance team has passed your outdoor furniture cushions, they are ready to be securely packed and dispatched so you can start using them in your outdoor entertaining area as soon as possible!


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