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  • How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

    How Do You Clean Outdoor Cushions? how do you clean outdoor cushions? Outdoor furniture can transform a decking area...

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    Why buying cheap cushions doesn’t work… And what to do about it

    You have your eye on what you think is the perfect cushion. You purchase it and place it on...

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    2016 Colour Trends For Outdoor Cushions

    The choice of which colour cushions you will add to your outdoor furniture may seem a trivial question. But...

  • Warwick Fabrics New Outdoor Tulum Range

    With the change of seasons upon us, what better time to update your outdoor cushion range? With the latest...

  • Sunlounge Cushions

    Can I Dye My Outdoor Cushions?

    Outdoor cushions are the best and simplest way to add a colour accent to your garden furniture and a...

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    What Fabric Is Waterproof?

    When looking to design your outdoor setting, the first thing anyone looks at is the furniture. What would work...

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    What Is the Best Fabric for a Window Seat Cushion?

    Many homes have been designed with window seats that are becoming popular once again as trends are returning to...

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    Which Foam Is Best For Outdoor Cushions?

    When it comes time to clean and renovate the patio, the first thing you are likely to notice is...

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    Sunbrella Indoor or Outdoor Cushion Fabrics – Stripes

    The new 2015-2016 Sunbrella upholstery fabrics offer a peek into the new design flow for Spring and Summer. This...

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    Declutter And Redesign To Make Spaces Feel More Spacious

    Take some time to declutter and redesign at least one space to create a calm and orderly oasis within...