Weatherproof Outdoor Cushions

Weatherproof Outdoor Cushions
September 15, 2019 Cushion Factory
Weatherproof Outdoor Cushions

Weatherproof Outdoor Cushions

Styling your outdoor living with stylish, weatherproof cushions isn’t as easy you may think. While finding the right colours and patterns to match your furniture, style is hard enough. Sourcing cushions that will survive unpredictable weather patterns. From heavy rain to the endless summer heat can be tough.

In this article, we take you through how to find durable, weatherproof outdoor cushions. Detailing what materials you should be looking for. Types of cushions confusing your search, and styles of cushions that weather the best.

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To find the perfect weatherproof outdoor cushion, you can’t put any old cushion from your indoor sofa outside and expect it to survive. Therefore, it’s essential you choose a fabric that is designed specifically for the outdoors, so you aren’t left disappointed.

Many different types of fabrics are best suited for outdoor cushions; one of the brands we stock, Sunbrella, offers canvas and linens that are designed to withstand the weather, and are created with the durability to survive outside.

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Most people make the mistakes of confusing indoor cushions with outdoor cushions. While you may find the indoor and outdoor cushions in the same part of the store, or located closely next to each other online, this simple mistake will leave you with ruined cushions very quickly.

We strongly advise you check the labels and descriptions of your cushions options. Whether it be on the tag or the product descriptions on an online store, ensure you check that the cushion is weatherproof and created specifically for outdoor use.

Another confusion that has caught out many buyers is the use of the term ‘water-resistant’ when referring to outdoor cushions. While a water-resistant cushion will repel droplets of water, if you immersed the cushion in water, it will soak up and retain the water inside. Therefore, it’s important you opt for weatherproof cushions, as these not only resist the harsh elements but don’t retain the water.

Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

There are no rules to the colours and patterns that you should choose for your outdoor living space. However, there are some colours and patterns that will always fair best through the harsh climate. Bold patterns, like stripes, spots, and florals, tend to look fresher than solid colours. These styles also disguise the stains better, hiding food, animal marks, and drink spillages easily.

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Lighter colours will naturally fade quicker than darker colours too, but choosing outdoor fabrics will avoid this being a big issue.

Finding new outdoor, weatherproof cushions is easy. Simply visit us at the Cushion Factory to shop our wide range of styles and shapes, and we can help you style your outdoor living space now!


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