What fabric is waterproof?

What fabric is waterproof?
March 7, 2017 Cushion Factory
what fabric is waterproof

When choosing your outdoor furniture, it’s important that you get the right fabric for your cushions. There is little point having beautifully designed chairs if the cushions that make them comfortable are falling apart. Perhaps you are shopping for outdoor cushions and find yourself wondering: ‘what fabric is waterproof?’ Well, we have the answers. Here are some of the factors you should consider when selecting your waterproof cushions.

What exactly does ‘waterproof’ mean?

There can be quite a misunderstanding over this, with a lot of confusion between fabrics that are waterproof and those that are water-resistant.

Waterproof fabrics have cells that are tightly bound, making it almost impossible for water or any other liquid to seep through them. They are generally synthetic and a wide range of waterproof fabrics are available. These fabrics are more suited for marine use and awnings

Water-resistant fabrics, which are also sometimes called water-repellent, are generally coated with a finish that resists water breaking through the surface but is not impenetrable. These fabrics are more suited to outdoor cushions.

What is the best waterproof fabric?

If waterproof is your top consideration, the best fabric to choose would be acrylic canvas. This is the waterproof fabric being used today by most high-end outdoor furniture manufacturers.

Acrylic canvas is also ideal for Australia’s tough outdoor conditions because it can withstand UV radiation.

What other factors should be considered?

When you are selecting your outdoor furniture it seems an obvious choice to tick the waterproof box, but it might be worth giving some thought. Just how much do you need waterproof furniture?

In many cases, waterproof fabrics are harsher than other outdoor upholstery fabric, which can detract from the comfort level. If you only take your cushions outdoors while you’re using them, you can very happily get by with a water-repellant fabric, particularly if you use a waterproof foam in your cushions. However, if your outdoor cushions remain outside whatever the weather, you’ll benefit from using waterproof cushions.

What fabric is waterproof and what are the water-resistant fabric options?

There are many types of fabric to choose from depending on your particular needs. Those that are waterproof and water-resistant include cotton canvas, duck cloth, Textilene fabric, olefin fibre, vinyl and outdoor curtain fabric.

At Cushion Factory, we are able to provide you with custom-made water-resistant and waterproof cushions. If you have any questions about which is best for you, contact us online or phone us on 1300 448 297.

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