What is piping on an outdoor cushion?

What is piping on an outdoor cushion?
October 8, 2021 Alleana
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What is piping on an outdoor cushion? As the weather warms up, Australians are naturally drawn to setting up their outdoor entertaining area. As you pull your cushions out of storage, you may have noticed that your high-quality outdoor seat and bench cushions have piping. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what piping is and why it is necessary for your outdoor cushions.

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What is piping and do I need piping on my outdoor seat cushions?

Piping, also known as welting, is fabric-covered trim, found along the seams. It enhances the shape and contour of your outdoor seat or bench cushions.

It gives your outdoor seat cushions added strength and therefore has the potential to increase their durability and lifespan. Piping also adds a level of sophistication to your outdoor entertaining area by giving it a more tailored and complete look.

What are my options when it comes to piping?

There are two basic options when choosing to pipe for your outdoor cushions; complimentary and contrasting. Complementary piping involves choosing a piping colour that emphasises the main cushion colour without overpowering it. This may mean that the piping is in the same fabric or in a similar colour. For example, if you have opted for bold stripes on your outdoor bench cushion, such as the Sunbrella Carousel Confetti, complementary piping options include white, grey or taupe Cushion Factory fabrics.

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Contrasting piping, however, can create a dynamic and bold look in your outdoor entertaining area. Dark piping with light cushion colours can emphasise the lines of your outdoor cushions and make them stand out against your furniture. For example, you could contrast the subtle tones of the Warwick Mykonos Cloud with deep, earthy-toned piping from Cushion Factory.

Can I layer cushions with piping?

Absolutely! Layering cushions with piping enhances the aesthetic of any room or outdoor space and adds to the colour and texture of your outdoor area. Piped bench seats decorated with additional cushions have the potential to draw together the colour palette of the natural and man-made elements of your outdoor oasis.

For the best possible experience when purchasing new outdoor chair cushions in Australia, or to discuss your needs further, contact our team at Cushion Factory today.

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