What materials are outdoor cushions made from?

What materials are outdoor cushions made from?
April 7, 2020 Cushion Factory
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What materials are outdoor cushions made from?

Outdoor cushions are often the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor seating area or a cost-effective way to re-vamp some old patio furniture. Clearly, are all outdoor cushions made equal? No, because there is a difference between a quality long-lasting outdoor cushion and a poor one. So to clarify, what materials are outdoor cushions made from?

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Acrylic canvas – Acrylic canvas is a popular outdoor cushion material, and for good reason. In addition to that, it is made from natural fibres and is UV resistant. Certainly, cushions made from acrylic canvas like Sunbrella can be left outside in the sun for extended periods of time without compromising in colour or quality.  Moreover, should you accidentally spill or stain your outdoor acrylic canvas cushions, they are machine washable and can be spot cleaned if required.

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Meanwhile, what covers other outdoor cushions? It is the Olefin (polypropylene) which is a synthetic fabric. Olefin is a UV face and mould resistant that makes it well suited to outdoor environments. Same with acrylic canvas, isn’t it? That is why, do not leave cushions with olefin covers in the rain or in areas where they may become saturated with water. In conclusion, place the acrylic canvas cushions near a pool area.

Replacement Cushion Covers

To sum up, which fabric is better? Acrylic canvas or olefin? Actually, there is no answer. That is to say, it depends on individual taste and what appearance you would like your outdoor cushions to have. For example, maybe you want some replacement of cushion covers? However, fun and quirky patterns, including stripes, tweed and floral designs can be printed on both fabrics.

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