Which Fabric Is Best for Upholstery?

Which Fabric Is Best for Upholstery?
August 16, 2015 Cushion Factory
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This is a question so many people have when doing home renovation or DIY projects. Rather than buying new furniture, many choose simply to reupholster furniture they already have because it suits their tastes and perhaps has the comfort they appreciate. If you are looking for the best upholstery for chair cushions, either for indoor or outdoor chair cushions, you want to look for the best fabric for upholstery.

Custom Made CushionsWhy Is Fabric Important for Upholstery?

Whether you are looking to cover interior or exterior furniture, there are a couple factors that come into play. The first issue of importance is the level of wear and tear your furniture is going to need to withstand. The fabric that is most suitable for upholstery would therefore need to be heavy duty and stain resistant. Most often this is going to be a synthetic fabric suitable for chair cushions as it is easier to wipe clean than natural fibres like cotton or hemp. Synthetic fabric suitable for outdoor furniture covers would naturally be a great option as it was developed to resist damage from water as well as from UV radiation. With a wide range of colours and designs available today, this type of fabric can fit well in almost any design scheme imaginable.

custom made cushionsWhere Is the Furniture Located?

One thing you really need to think about is where the furniture in question will be located. Are you thinking of getting custom made cushions for an outdoor patio table and chair set? Will those chair cushions be located in the home, such as in the dining room or kitchen? Also, if you are looking for upholstery fabric for the sofa, does your family eat in the living room? These are all important considerations when it comes to upholstery fabric because stains from food are just as damaging as mould and mildew from water. If there is even the remotest possibility that someone may inadvertently spill food or beverages on your furniture, then your best choice for upholstery would be the same used for outdoor furniture cushions.

In days gone by, your options were limited as there were few synthetic fabrics suitable for use indoors as well as out. With the broad selection of high quality synthetic fabrics that are both waterproof and fashionable, you can have outdoor benefits for interior chair cushions or sofa upholstery. Look for fabric that is waterproof, stain resistant and suitable for outdoor furniture cushions and you can’t go wrong.

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