Which Foam Is Best For Outdoor Cushions?

Which Foam Is Best For Outdoor Cushions?
June 29, 2015 Cushion Factory
Waterproof foam

When it comes time to clean and renovate the patio, the first thing you are likely to notice is that those outdoor cushions have seen better days. They may be tattered and torn or black from mould and mildew that seeped in through the tears. Perhaps your cushions weren’t manufactured for outdoor use or maybe it was the fabric. Outdoor cushion covers are just as important as the foam interior, but to make sure you have cushions that withstand the elements, you may be asking what foam is best to use for outdoor cushions?

Rating Cushions for Use Outdoors

QuickDry Outdoor Foam

Outdoor Foam

Too many people believe that it is only the fabric covering that matters with outdoor furniture cushions. Whilst this is true to some extent, what happens if someone should inadvertently put a small slit in the covering? Australia is known for its torrential downpours and the slightest bit of moisture infiltrating the interior foam can quickly turn to mould, ruining the cushions altogether. For this reason, it is imperative to choose only foam that has been rated for outdoor use. So, what kind of foam would that be?

Best Foam for Outdoor Use

quickdryWhen looking for the best foam for use on outdoor furniture cushions, the best place to look would be at how the marine industry chooses materials. If you are looking for outdoor foam that is rated to prevent the growth of mould and is resistant to moisture, QUICK DRY FOAM is the only way to go. Any while there are many ‘wannabe’s’ in the outdoor foam market, URECEL QUICK DRY FOAM is by far the best performing foam. In addition, you wouldn’t be limited to a single density as this particular type is available in almost any density imaginable from soft to ultra-firm.

How Is Outdoor Foam Different from Indoor Foam?

One of the things to look for in outdoor chair cushions is the term ‘reticulated’ in the description. This is an unusual word that most of us aren’t familiar with but, believe it or not, when it comes to outdoor cushions this is a must! Reticulated foam is lightweight but has open cells that prevent water from infiltrating the inner depths. In other words, the bubbles (cells) are so tightly touching that it is virtually impossible for moisture to seep through the boundaries.

Putting this all together, when asking what type of foam is best to use for outdoor cushions, your best bet is to simply ask for URECEL QUICK DRY FOAM.


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