Why do people karate chop pillows?

Why do people karate chop pillows?
April 1, 2020 Cushion Factory

Why do people karate chop pillows?

Why do people karate chop pillows? Interior design has become an amateur’s domain in the last decade. The abundance of reality television programmes, magazines dedicated to styling and Pinterest boards have helped this hobby become everyone’s forte. It’s easy to pick up the latest interior trends so everyone can turn their house into a home. A commonly used method of styling cushions is the ‘karate chop’. As a finishing touch to your lavishly decorated space, it’s when both indoor and outdoor cushions receive a tiny CHOP right on top of the unsuspecting pillow. You may ask, what is the point of this method, and should I start using it in my home? Read on the make up your own mind.

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Comfort – The karate chop aims to ‘plump’ the cushion in question which can help with comfort, or at least makes the pillow look more comfortable and inviting. The idea of decorative cushions is to invite you to snuggle up, whether it be on your favourite old sofa, or resting atop your daybed cushions in the summer sunshine.

Fabric – The next time you are getting your outdoor space ready for a barbecue, try applying the karate chop to each outdoor cushion. The slight dent in the fabric allows the light to reflect differently and will give more depth to the arrangement. This small styling tip can really compliment the different fabrics and adds to the layers of your design.

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Dated – This technique is anything but new or innovative in the styling world. The slight dent in decorative pillows can be traced back to interior design magazines in the 1980s. If you’re looking for an edgy or modern style, it might be best to avoid this look.

Distortion – If you’ve sifted over pictures, photographs or designs to have the perfect custom made outdoor cushions created for your space, then the ‘chop’ could distort the image. As such, it may be best to simply fluff the cushions instead.

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You can practise the ‘chop’ in person and see how it works with different fabrics and designs. Sydney and Perth residents can visit the Cushion Factory showroom and speak to our approachable staff for styling advice. https://www.cushionfactory.com.au/

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