Outdoor Floor Cushions

Outdoor Floor Cushions

Outdoor Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are perfect for that extra seating outdoors.

Just like an oversized throw pillow, your floor pillow will last for years and is sure to coordinate well with any style. Filled with a soft fill, your new pillows come with removable covers, allowing for easy cleaning.

Design & Order Your Custom Outdoor Floor Cushions Online:

Now is the exciting time when you get to design your outdoor floor cushions. The process is simple. Follow the 5 steps below to choose your fabric, piping, filling, ties and set your ideal cushion measurements. Then simply set your quantity and place your order! It's that easy.

If you have any trouble or would like to ask a question please call us on 1300 448 297 or send us a message.

How to measure for Outdoor Floor Pillows

  1. Measure the length of the cushion from seam to seam in millimetres rounded to nearest 5mm. This is the side where we will place a concealed zip.
  2. Measure the width of the cushion from seam to seam in millimetres rounded to nearest 5mm.
  3. Remember, once the pillows are filled, the height and width will be slightly less than the measurements ordered. For example, a 450mm x 450mm pillow will be 370mm x 370mm.
STEP 1: Choose Your Fabric -

Please select your fabric from the available options below. You can search for a particular colour, pattern or fabric price using the refine fabric options below.

Refine fabric options:

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STEP 2: Choose Your Piping +